14 comments on “Anime, OCD and me

  1. I lack anime that starts with I, J, L, Q, ,W and X. It bothers me a little. :/

    I just hope you don’t inject juice into your sisters. If not, you’re safe.

    • Ichigo Mashimaro, Jigoku Shoujo, Lovely Complex, Welcome to the NHK and XXXHOLiC are my favourite shows beginning with those letters, if that helps…
      Can’t help you with the Q- I’m in no hurry to watch either Qwaser no Stigmata or Queen’s Blade…

      No, but, I frequently correct their speech and diction, they see me as some kind of perfectionist grammar-nazi, I’m afraid…

  2. You’re still so far sway from my completed list of 840! >:D
    Say 5 shows you’ve watched have a sequel/prequel all in the same season. (Unlikely I know) Would you end up watching 8 shows from that season?

    • No need to brag… >.>
      It really depends, if it is the continuation of a show I despise, I am unlikely to watch it! I think the most I’ve ever started one season was about 6 shows.

    • I am a notorious perfectionist, if something’s not perfect, or as close to it as humanely possible, I’ll trash it- one of my many wonderful personality defects!

  3. Right, I’ll get the right place this time >.<
    Really good, I like doing lists as well but you already know hmmmm.
    You need a q not an a, e or u !!!

    • Well I tend to pick up almost every show (except sport shows) and then just stop watching any I can’t stand/don’t like. Not sure if that counts as a ritual though.

    • Only when I’m going to watch something when I really want to watch. I need to be in the perfect mood, sit in a comfortable way and so on. But that’s pretty much it.

      I hope…

      • Another one of my rituals: I always buy myself doughnuts to eat during a much-anticipated finale of a show I’m particularly enjoying…
        Making the most of my youthful metabolism!

  4. This sounds a bit like how I get into series, only I’m a lot less committed to it. I come up with some system, like watching certain shows in a specific order every day, and within a week I’m doing something else. I do definitely agree that finding MAL made everything a whole lot more streamlined.

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