10 comments on “Smutty vs fluffy couples

  1. It never really crossed my mind to categorize couples like you did. I always just took a show as it was but I think you’re right in the way that they interact with each other. I never really managed to really get into Kimi ni Todoke. I always thought it was really boring but could never figure out why. You’ve shined some light on that and other similar situations for me!
    My thoughts on some of your questions: I think if you get a couple where one character possesses one characteristic and the other has the other you usually just get a tsundere couple. That’s my experience at least.

    • It’s my job as a blogger to over-analyse things!
      Well, like I said, as the whole show was about their relationship, lack of progression made it extremely tiresome! I’m glad I managed to shine some light on the matter!
      I’d classify a tsundere as fitting into the fluff category as, whilst their demenour is prickly, they are, in actuality, big ol’ softies…

    • As much as I love Urahara and Yoruichi, (and think they should be happily married by the end of Bleach) Horo and Lawrence are more couple-y, so seemed the more logical option!

  2. It’s interesting that these are two of my favourite couples and they’re so clearly different. I think that with me, the most important thing about a couple is that they need to be able to interact with each other on a roughly equal level. If one character acts shy and awkward while the other acts smutty, as you would call it, it wouldn’t be as interesting because one member will always seem dominant and in control. The pairing of two fluffy or two smutty characters works a lot better because they interact much better.

    • Lawrence and Horo are rather wonderful!
      So, it doesn’t bother you when two people constantly act shy and awkward around one another? Why is that? Try as I might I can’t think of why people might prefer fluffy couples outside of “They’re cute!”

      • If the couple were never able to communicate properly at any point, then I agree that they would be annoying. But the thing about Sawako and Kazehaya is that for all their shyness, they do manage to get the words they want out when they try. It’s that effort that draws people to them, because while two people who can talk normally are interesting, two people who have to work for it can be endearing as well.

  3. I definatley prefer Smutty but Kimi ni todoke is one of my favourite animes because of its fluffyness you cant say a bit of fluff once in a while is a bad thing

  4. There is this to keep in mind: a LOT of people out there (myself included, the shame) who are really, really, awkward about relationships. I, for example (and I feel I can divulge this because it’s not really that big of a deal to me), have had a number of crushes before, and I’ve never gone anywhere with them. Love is freaking awkward (course, I also seem to have an uncanny talent for crushing on individuals who already have significant others…). That being the case, the “fluffy” couples definitely have something over “smutty” ones – a base in reality. Now that may seem weird, considering all the bubbles and stuff, but a character overcoming their awkwardness and confessing, holding hands, or whatever the hell else probably seems a heck of a lot more relatable for the audience than a couple that are all over each other. By contrast, a “smutty” couple probably seems more like a fantasy situation that is hard to relate to, perhaps similar to a harem in that way.

    Of course, I don’t necessarily endorse this view myself, but I feel like that’s a perspective on the topic worth mentioning.

    • I suppose it would make sense that fluffy couples are more the norm if the large majority of anime viewers have fluffy tendencies themselves, makes identifying with the characters and the show a lot easier, something producers will definitely want to play on!

      I guess, as with you, the reason I favour the types of couple I do is because I identify with them more- being the more forward, grab-‘em-by-the-balls kind of girl…

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