12 comments on “Good ol’ melodrama!

  1. That’s quite an accurate picture of yourself if I may say so! When it comes to melodrama it has to be done right. If it isn’t than the entire episode is ruined.

    • Death Note is marvelous if, like me, you love a bit of melodrama!
      Have you seen how Light writes? And his tennis match with L was blown completely out of proportion! ‘Ooh, if I win he’ll know I’m Kira…’ NO. If you win he’ll know you’re freakin’ good at tennis, get a life…

  2. I would have kicked that radio too.

    We’re actually learning about melodrama in English right now, and apparently there’s always been people who look down on it. I agree that it has to be handled properly or it doesn’t work.

      • I think that at the time, melodrama was not viewed as intellectual theatre, so certain people looked down on it for being less mature.

  3. I watched the Gintama scene again LOL love it makes me laugh every time im glad you managed to find it!
    I love melodrama it gives me a reason to laugh at the characters..

    • Took me ages to find but, didn’t allow myself to give up! It was the perfect scene to illustrate my point!

      Oh yeah, forgot you’re a cold-hearted creature who doesn’t cry at anything…
      I’m glad you didn’t laugh during Clannad: After Story episode 16 though, I would’ve thumped ya’!

  4. @Yerocha
    That reminds me of this wonderful scene in Kino’s Journey where someone suggests critics exist merely to ruin things for others…
    Seems apt.
    Saying that, my next post is a fairly critical one, I guess that’s pretty hypocritical of me!

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