21 comments on “Why I won’t be watching the third series of Bakuman

  1. “Considering Mashiro’s ‘love’ for Miho is presented as being his biggest drive, it really bothers me that it’s so weak and artificial.” You made a name mistake in there. Thought I’d let you know!
    I like Bakuman. I don’t watch it for the relationship in it, I watch it for entertainment. That’s all I can really say!

    • I think you’ll find I haven’t made an error, I simply referred to Azuki by her first name, Miho.

      There are only two things I find entertaining about the show and that’s Hiramaru and Eiji, and they don’t get nearly enough screen-time for my liking!

  2. I agree, the romance and drama really bothers me till death. And don’t even mention Nakai or I’ll go crazy.

    Great that the manga-part is good, bad that it’s relying on shitty drama. Hate it hate it hate it.

    • II know you warned me not to but, I’m gonna anyway! >: D
      I actually liked, and felt sorry for, Nakai during series one- it was interesting to meet a character that lacked drive as a result of his previous failures, a nice contrast to all of the other Bakuman mangakas. But no, this series turned him into nothing more than a dirty lech…

    • Oh hey, haven’t seen you on my blog before! Welcome!
      Yes, I’ve heard the manga is far better, especially in terms of art which, by the looks of it, is stunning…

  3. The manga part of Bakuman isn’t good- the first season did the same thing over and over with it:
    Work really hard,
    Get excited,
    Get knocked down,
    Then work hard again…
    It was so boring and their manga sucks! I hate Bakuman, it deserves to burn! Eiji for the win though!

    • Really? I found it very exciting. It has grown a bit stale in this season though. This is why I feel annoyed over the fact that the character interractions are so… shallow and dumb.

  4. I’ve seen complaints like these before, and the issues with women got to me quite a bit too. It’s a big part of why I had so much trouble reading it, since there are so many boneheaded aspects to it that it’s hard to work up the nerve to keep going.

  5. You couldn’t have described how mediocre this show really is in a better way. I’m a big fan of Tsugumi and Takeshi for coming up with Death Note, but Bakuman in my opinion is not only a failure but it’s also a major ”Let Down” for the numerous amount of fans that they gained with Death Note.
    But the good news is that they finally finished Bakuman and hopefully they’ll make something a lot more intriguing.

    • I’m glad that what I said resonated with you!

      The huge success of Death Note makes me wonder why Ohba and Obata didn’t just create another manga similar in genre to it. Perhaps they just wanted to try something new, develop their skills in other areas, but why abandon what is clearly a winning formula for them? I don’t know…

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  7. lol…the female characters are pathetic.. .Its sad when your favorite artists come up with stuff like this .Totally agreed with the conclusion

  8. Well, I suppose that being a fan of Bakuman, it’s kinda useless to comment on it, because it will sound like a “defense attorney”… But as someone who hates sexism myself, I understand why you got sick of Bakuman.
    HOWEVER… Bakuman is stated as a “lifestyle mangá”, which means it’s a mangá about the life and routine of the characters. In this case, two mangaka-aspiring characters. And if they live in Japan, than we are certainly going to read something about the Japanese culture and its society, therefore, its way of thinking. And, unfortunately, Japanese society has a problem regarding to sexism. So, Bakuman had 2 options, write a story about boys who want to be mangaká, or write a story that would change the paradigm of sexism in Japan, fight the man-made society they have there.
    And as bakuman itself states, they’re writing a shonen mangá, shonen has “rules”.
    Well, what I’m trying to say is that, Japan has a different culture, a different way of seeing things. For us, westerns, sexism is something worth fighting against, women were able to break the chains of masculinity and fight for their right. But in Japan, that is not so true. Women are still bound to their chains of their culture.
    But as a western, you don’t have to keep following the story. Of course!

    About their love… As the same time Mashiro puts is job in first place, Azuki does the same… Well…
    I mean… It’s kinda unrealistic, and the characters say that themselves (like Kaya and Takagi many times have said). But we have our conception of love. They have theirs.

    What I mean is… Try to check a bit of HOW Japanese people think, how is their “society thinking” and maybe Bakuman will make more sense. It’s still going to be sexist… but It might make more sense,

  9. Actually, while I agree with everything you’ve said, you really should check Bakuman 3 out. It has A LOT less love elements, A LOT less sexism, and much more focus on manga. The story also becomes pretty addictive.

    • Not to mention the awesome villains this season has! And the terrifying plot line in the middle of the season! Also, I’m noticing a lot of pissed off Death Note fans who can’t accept how mangaka can do two completely different works just like we can (American Horror Story and Glee, Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill, hello!?

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