5 comments on “Why I love it when Ichigo’s in the crapper

  1. They really should have stopped the show/manga after Aizen was defeated. Nothing that happened during that whole time lead into this Fullbringer arc. But, I usually still love Bleach when it isn’t in filler.
    BTW, where’s that last picture from?

    • Many people are also of the same opinion, I, myself am not sure where I stand on this view…
      Whilst this arc has been enjoyable at points, it does nothing to add to the overall plot, now you mention it!
      I found it on Google Images but, it’s a screenshot taken from that Arabian night parody filler episode.

      • It makes me wonder what this final section of the manga is even gonna be about. Is it carrying on with the Fullbringers or are they being taken away and replaced with something/someone?
        Ah, thank you!

    I agree it was really boring when Ichigo could beat people who have been training for hundreds of years within 2 battles so when he’s losing bad its really enjoyable!
    They killed Gin who was good actually…

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