7 comments on “Watashi wa bucho, one month on

    • I hope the reason you haven’t agreed me with in the past doesn’t stem from the fact you believe my arguments to be weak but, rather you just have different opinions. If the latter be true, please feel free to put those different opinions forwards, I did say when I first started WWB that I wanted to have interesting discussions with others, discussions aren’t always interesting if everyone agrees with what you’re saying all of the time!

      • Well so far the only opinion I’ve really disagreed with is your opinion of Kimi ni Todoke, which I did comment on. Again, I don’t think your arguments are weak, but I personally have my own.

  1. Happy 1 month birthday!
    I have a theory that English class’s actual purpose is to make people hate writing. It’s the only logical thing.
    I don’t exactly have anything to say about improvement as I enjoy reading your posts as they’ve been.
    But thanks for giving me something to read! All I really read these days are subs or video game text so its been nice having something not of those two categories to check out!

  2. Oh God, please don’t refer to me by nickname here! I want to keep my identity a secret… >.>
    What would you like the polls to be on, pray tell?

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