7 comments on “Why I have lost faith in CLAMP

  1. I feel the same way about J.C. Staff. I used to love anything and everything they did. I’d watch it simply because they were involved in it. That was a few years ago and now anything they come out with is either a poorly done sequel or poor adaption. I also used to love their art (Toradora as an example) but now its just gone downhill in the years since then.

  2. I actually like CLAMP, but considering that I haven’t seen or read the series you’re mentioning, I can’t really fault you for not liking them. From what I hear, Tsubasa is a bit much to take in, so I can understand that at least.

    • So which CLAMP works have you enjoyed and why did you enjoy them?

      I don’t know why but, I just have this unconquerable mental block when it comes to Tsubasa! I re-watched the first half of it during last summer and I still can’t remember a single blasted thing about it!

      • So far the only one I’ve read completely is Chobits, but I’ve also been trying to finish Cardcaptor Sakura. Those have been pretty good.

      • Ah well, my next post will largely focus on Chobits and why it’s great so hopefully you’ll enjoy that one a bit more!

  3. CLAMP was prettty bad from the start in my opinion cause i watched card captor sakura first: awful idea. But i agree XXXHolic does make it seem slightly better….

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