9 comments on “Why Chobits has renewed my faith in CLAMP

  1. A) I’m glad that you enjoyed Chobits. I also don’t care for the anime adaptations of a few of CLAMP’s works (Tsubasa Chronicles being the worst offender) but generally enjoy the manga because it does the storytwlling so much better. I really do feel this has to do with the studio and the staff involved in the adaptations.

    B) “Chii’s not human- she’ll never age or be able to *reproduce*”
    People tend to bring up the reproduction thing a lot- I don’t think many people realize that there are a lot of women out there – that are definitely not anywhere near menopause – that are unable to have kids because of illnesses or accidents, like one of my friends who happened to have ovarian cancer when she was 6 and had to have a hysterectomy. But no one would ever, ever question her humanity or whether she had a right to be in a relationship with someone else. I think Chi’s inability to have kids isn’t an issue in the relationship at all.

    • I do realise there are many women who are unable to have children, for whatever reason but, Chii, unlike those women, never had the potential to begin with. One of the definitions of species is ‘a group of organisms capable of exchanging genes’ so, at the end of the day, Chii is not of the same species as Hideki, she’s not even a living, breathing organism, that’s why I’m unsure of her relationship with Hideki.
      I’m sorry to hear about your friend and hope that I haven’t upset you.

      • No, you haven’t. I get where you’re coming from, now that I have re-read your sentence and see you make it clear it’s a matter of her being a different species. It’s something that has been worded far more poorly and insensitively in other posts that I’ve read on the subject, so I ended up getting stuck on that part.

      • Do you have any links to these other posts by any chance? I’d be interested to read them.
        I’ve noticed that this is the first time you’ve commented on one of my posts despite being a follower, I hope you’ll continue to comment in the posts to come!

      • I had a link to one, but when I brought it up with the author he changed it when he realized how insensitive his statement was. Unfortunately, I don’t have the two others – I lost a lot of my blog links when my laptop crashed and burned about a year ago, and in the two months it took to repair I forgot their names ><" Because I'm just smart like that and forget to write stuff down.

        Also- yeah, I'll try to comment more! I'm stuck on what to say most of the time/don't think I need to say anything, so I just read the post ^.^

  2. It may be important to remember though that Chobits came out a long time ago so you may not want to raise CLAMP back up just yet.
    Anyway, I’m glad you liked Chobits as much as I did when I watched it, like, 3 years ago! What’s funny is that SIRI for the Iphone 4S almost seems like a step towards the Persocoms in the series.

  3. I read Chobits not long ago, and I got a strong feeling that the message was about the humans and robots being very similar in many ways. I looked around online and saw a large amount of different responses and reactions than mine. Maybe that’s where this series is different from other CLAMP series, because I don’t see this many different viewpoints coming from them.

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