11 comments on “Ace Railgun’s 50 questions

  1. #47 Makes me think you might belong in jail.
    Your boyfriend probably has excellent taste in anime and you don’t realize it. : P

  2. Enjoyed reading this ah, your musings always make me laugh and occasionally scare me. Exposing your evil tendencies to the world I see? aha

    woah woah woah woah
    when were you gonna tell your lovely sister about said boyfriend? You forget I read your blog every post, just because I don’t comment. I’m watching – always watching (10 epic points if you get the reference, self-proclaimed reference queen)
    Four months?! Congrats Gen ahaha

    -Annie x

    • Drat. I did forget my siblings read my posts! Boyfriend does not need to be discussed over the net, or at all actually…
      Oh, and it’s Roz from Monster’s Inc.

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  5. Once again you refered to me as ‘sister’ and you didn’t tell me ’bout your secret lover 😉

  6. Here’s to the hope for more josei in the making!

    If such a character as Yuuko Ichihara existed in reality, I would take some time off after finishing my grad degree to try and find her. And I would hope the Mokona Modoki existed as well ><

    I also hope that if I ever have children, that my daughter shares a wonder for all things like Yotsuba.

    • If someone like that were to exist, you’d have to fight me for her! : p

      It’s a shame that the world seems to lose its magic as we grow up, I’ve a feeling the world would be a much better place were that not the case…

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