11 comments on “What makes a good sequel?

  1. The second season of Haruhi does not exist! The Bamboo Rhapsody episode was an extra episode they decided to air and that’s all that exists of that to me! The filming of the movie doesn’t exist either as the result of that was shown in the very first episode of season 1.
    It kinda makes me glad to hear there are things you didn’t like about Nisemonogatari. : P

    For me, a good sequel has to be interesting and it has to have a similar premise as its prequel. If it has a totally different feel than the series/game before it, I tend to hold a little bit of anger towards it as they’ve seemed to totally change why the show even exists.

    • I’m sorry but, I cannot wipe the existence of Endless 8 from my mind, believe me, I’ve tried!
      There were a few things that bothered me but, overall it was an enjoyable sequel. You know me, I worship anything SHAFT chug out, except maybe Maria Holic- that show upsets my feminist principles.

      That’s exactly why DTB 2 bothered me so much- I really enjoyed the first series so, when the second, a complete re-work of everything the first stood for, (with the addition of a messy storyline) came along, a small part of me died inside…

  2. Naw, dont be so mean to DTB Hei’s hobo beard was sexy XP…
    I like sequels which are fairly similar but, attempt to try something new, unlike Bakuman which is doing the same thing again, more like Nisemonogatri or Brotherhood which wasn’t filled with filler…

  3. A sequel should be the same or even better quality than the first. Haruhi’s endless Summer arc was a mistake, but it did give the viewer a good idea of what Yuki went through. The only reason I’m thankful for that pointless extention is that we got the movie.

    • I definitely agree, by no stretch of the imagination should it be worse!

      It gave the viewer a good idea of what Yuki went through? In what sense?

      I haven’t actually seen the movie, it’s strange, I feel obligated, as anime fan to do so but, I didn’t even enjoy the first series of Haruhi, let alone the second, so I can’t see myself enjoying that either! I have never understood the appeal of the Haruhi franchise…

  4. I’ll always be a bit biased when talking about the -monogatari series so I won’t use that as an example. However, I really really hate what they did with DTB. I’ll never recognize it as canon >.<

    A good sequel for me would be something that doesn't necessarily try to out-do it's predecessor, but does so nonetheless while further developing what had already transpired. That sounds weird now that I typed that but I'll use an example to try and clear it out. xxxHolic Kei follows what it's predecessor did in terms of episode format, but what makes Kei better is the fact that it made us of the existing developments in the story and just played it out further.

    • I did feel bad using Nisemonogatari as an example in a negative manner ’cause I actually really enjoyed it, overall and, as with yourself, I assume, the -monogatari shows are my favourite SHAFT production!

      By not necessarily trying to out-do its predecessor are you basically trying to say you don’t like complete re-works of shows as sequels but, you hope to see more ‘subtle’ changes? ‘Cause that’s the general consensus I’m getting by reading all of the comments on this topic.

      You enjoyed Kei? I wasn’t terribly fond of it myself! I’d have to disagree with your view it didn’t change episode format- it brought in a couple of long-running arcs, deciding to opt out of the previously used episodic format, the main reason I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first series. I did enjoy the development of the characters’ relationships though, and appreciated the expansion of Himawari’s character, even if I never did find her particularly interesting in the first place…

      • Yep, they might as well be my favorite SHAFT production. Arakawa Under the Bridge is a close second.

        That’s more or less where I’m getting at. Well, it’s not like I don’t mind if they just tweaked some stuff from a series, like what you said about Hell Girl with Futakomori being the superior series. But I’d still go and loo for something that sets the sequel aside when compared to it’s predecessor.

        Actually yeah, I believe Kei was a bit better than the first Holic. I enjoyed it for the story mostly. I didn’t really think the arcs were that long, but then again, my thoughts on the episodes themselves are most likely to be vague recollections seeing as how it was a few years back since I last saw them.

  5. The thing about Haruhi is… one of the main things which made it work was experimenting with things which were new…

    • I don’t recall the first series experimenting, bringing something revolutionary to anime as we know it. And yeah, the second series was definitely experimental but, not in a good way! Sorry but, it’s gonna take a lot to convince me the Haruhi franchise is worth anything of value…

  6. @Leap250

    Heh, we match! Madoka’s a close third.

    Well, they were certainly long in comparison to the length of the individual storylines in the first series but, if you prefer more long-running storylines I can see why you might have enjoyed that series more.

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