13 comments on “Why Gen 2 is, (obviously) the best Pokémon game

  1. The Unown are also on 7 island in Firered and LeafGreen and in platinum version.
    Is it bad that I never knew that the red Gyarados wasn’t actually shiny but was red because the Magikarp didn’t change to blue due to the forced evolution until a few weeks ago?

  2. I see generation 1 and 2 as my favourite and see them as the same since they are both my from childhood. I noticed the quality decrease in the new games so I stopped buying the games and just watch walkthroughs on YouTube. I can get the main story from the anime as well so I’m not really missing much not playing.

  3. Latios isn’t in Gen 2, means it’s not the best… D:< But other than that, Gen 2 really is the best- most immersive, had a creepy but nice feeling to it (at least to me), best Pokemon since it also had Gen 1 in it, and just things like that… 😛

  4. Gen1 is by miles better it was the first out making it all new and exciting, not just a couple of extra bits plus i could never get past the ratattas in Gen2 Crystal.

  5. Shut up! Generation 1 just had better Pokemon, and it was the original, making it way better than the others!

  6. i found my brothers old crystal game and it works in my gba sp so this is pretty cool. i never knew about the sounds on the radio in the ruins of alph! but i am having some trouble finding good pokemon, the first few routes seem chock full of the weaker begining enemies (rattata, sentret, pidgey)

    • Still have my limited edition Pikachu and Pichu Gameboy Colour knocking about somewhere…
      You could always wait for night-time to hit and catch yourself a Spinarak or a Hoothoot, which aren’t all that bad, or wait for dawn and try to catch yourself a Poliwag. Of course you could always wait ’til you progress through the game and encounter stronger Pokemon to fill up your party!

  7. While I agree that GenII (especially Crystal) is easily the best, the battle with Red on Mt. Silver is not at all hard! I beat him every time I fought him, with no pokemon over level 73!

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