10 comments on “One of those boring update things

    • The busiest I’ve ever been I reckon!
      Nice to see a fellow Avatar fan in the blogosphere. Do you think you’re also gonna end up bloggin’ the show? If so, we’d be rivals… >: D

      • Yeah I’m going to blog it. I’ve already written posts for the first 2 episodes but I’m going to wait for official release before I post them.
        I think the only other things I plan to blog are Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and Sankarea both anime I don’t think you are blogging so that means we are only going to be rivals for Avatar.

  1. You woke yourself up.
    The new Korra episodes were leaked for real btw you can check on the Korra FB page, so don’t feel so piratey about it. 😛

    • No, it was definitely the power of Korra.
      Oh good, I was having sleepless nights… :rollseyes:

      On an unrelated note, weird not seeing you with a Maka icon…

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