7 comments on “Bleach, the end of an era

  1. I still think it’s gonna come back when the manga is finished or near-finished. They showed everything up to this point so I don’t see why they wouldn’t show the rest. I’m trying to think of it as it was whenever fillers came up, I stopped watching it for however long those fillers were. So if I think of it like this it isn’t too bad.
    But anyway, Bleach was the second anime I watched in Japanese. I remember back in 8th grade (Janurary of 2007) I started it after catching up to Naruto because they were showing it on tv, on like episode 17 or near there, so I picked it up there to get ahead. Back when I watched them on youtube too. I’m kinda like you though, no matter how much the show may have annoyed me, I never wanted to stop watching it or for it to end as I have that same emotional attachment to it. I still have to watch the last 5 episode (hurry up SGKK!) so it’s not ever for me yet though.

  2. I saw the Bleach anime back when it first aired on TV. I didn’t see very much, but the show was still interesting and felt different from the other stuff I saw. I agree that some of the best moments are when the series gets funny. I’ll still be sticking with the manga for a while, though it never caught my attention like the anime episodes I saw did.

    • It feels different from other shows because, even when what’s being presented is terrible, it’s done with so much energy and verve! Part of the reason I found the finale so disappointing is because it lacked that energy that characterised Bleach, it felt really half-arsed…

  3. Bleach. Nope.

    Actually Brago could be right, Kubo said he’d be doing a short manga arc, which is done now and a long arc lasting 10 YEARS by the way, so~ unless the manga’s being cancelled too and I’m wrong it could happen.

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