13 comments on “Why I’m a bit of an oldfag

  1. Fine I dont watch some anime based on the art but at least I dont make my opinions of shows before I’ve even seen them just on what other people have said >:)

    • One is perfectly entitled to form an opinion based on other, reliable opinions. If that weren’t the case then what is the point of, say, food critics? If a food critic has slated a restaurant for serving steaming mounds of shit you’re well within your own right not to eat there, the same can be applied to anime…

  2. No offense, but you are no oldfag if you call yourself one. That’s both basic rule and common sense. What you’ve morphed into is nostalgiafag.

    • Interesting, common sense you say? Haven’t heard that one before. Forgive my ignorance but, would it be because it can be perceived as being a derogatory term?

  3. Your drawing skills are as amazing as ever! Picasso is in for a run for his money!
    I think the plot got caught somewhere within her Elizabethan styled hair…

  4. The oldest show that I remember watching is Voltes V (produce back in 1977-ish) back when I was 7 I think, and although I was a young back then, it was pretty mind blowing at the time. But, that doesn’t really count does it, lol

    As I am now the “oldest” show that I’ve watched would be Evangelion, followed closely by Utena. A majority of the shows that I watched are those that aired between 2004-2009 I believe, not too old, but not that new too, so I guess I’m a..middle-aged fag (that doesn’t sound right)

    I think that what the anime industry now is similar to what the gaming industry is doing as well – it’s all about eye-candy. And when I relate it that way, I guess I can come up with a sort-of conclusion and say that story and plot doesn’t sell well anymore as compared to say beautiful scenery and awesome soundtracks. Which is a shame really, I mean Utena and Evangelion are both very memorable and enjoyable despite airing more than 10 years ago, while a majority of the shows today are just aren’t as lasting anymore.

    • Voltes V, worth watching? I feel as though I’m obliged to watch shows that are even older to test my oldfag-ness after writing this!

      I, personally, label any show that aired before 2004-5 to be an old show- there’s a marked change in art and animation around those years which, as I explained in my post, I consider earmarks for the absence/presence of a good story, perhaps incorrectly so.

      You put it a lot better than I did! Well, of course, I think one is always inclined to remember a good story more than pretty images. Ooh, that would make an interesting psychology experiment into memory…

      • That depends I guess. If you’re into really really old-school mecha then it should tickle your fancies.

        lol, for me I think the standard I use the most when telling if a show is old is if it has the square 4:3 screen ratio. It’s either that or, like you said, the subtle, or in some cases not-so-subtle art shift.

        :3 it must be from all the times I’ve tried to debate that FF VI is the best FF ever. And yeah, that would make for a really nice experiment. I’d like to believe we are all more story-inclined, but that’s just me.

  5. @Leap250

    1977 huh? Yeah, I’d guess that’s about as old-school as it gets!

    It’s kind of like saying you prefer looks to personality when judging a potential partner, shallow.

  6. no it cannot. Food and anime are very different. You refuse to watch anime based on somebodys opinion, people will refuse to eat somewhere based on a professionals opinions.

    • You say food and anime are different but, how is that a valid point? One enjoys food, one enjoys anime. People can have opinions about food, people can have opinions on anime. It was an analogy that worked. And the idea I’m not allowed to have an opinion on something I haven’t watched simply because I’ve been influenced by the opinions of those who aren’t professional is absurd.
      Come at me bro.

      • So when i said anime was like soup i was laughed at but its okay for you to say it?
        You cant hava a solid opinion on stuff you havent seen. you say i have a bad taste but ive seen stuff you havent you can have a slight opinion before you’ve seen it but you never listen to what i have to say if i praise something you think is bad even though you havent seen it. E.g. Another rated about an 8 on Mal yet you still say everyone on mal has a crap taste but you have NOT seen it.

        Come at me bro.

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