5 comments on “Nazo no Kanojo X episode 1

  1. That show sounds like it’d gross me out. I can never stand the whole ‘saliva being shown in anime’ thing and I’d get a bit sick to my stomach whenever they did.
    It seems like this is the perfect show for you though Ty! Strange and probably not well known! I probably won’t be watching it cause of the saliva thing but I’ll be sure to read your upcomming posts about it to see how things turn out! : )

    • Really? Saliva produces that strong a reaction in you?
      Oh yeah, j’adore shows which try to do something a little different! Shame you won’t be watching this!

    • You’re a pooh-head whose refusing-to-watch-a-show-just-because-the-art-doesn’t-agree-with-you is gonnamake you really miss out someday.

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