6 comments on “Nazo no Kanojo x episode 2

  1. Judging by the art and you mentioning bugs were shown, I can only deduce this is done by Shaft. Correct?
    Did this Urabe transform into a fighting robot and breath fire on people?

    • Incorrect, Hoods Entertainment. I hadn’t head of them before this- turns out all they’ve done is ecchi crap but, they’re actually doing a decent job with Nazo no Kanojo so far!
      Shame you have that thing against drool- I reckon you’d really like this! Don’t you think you’d become de-sensitized to it after a while? There is a lot of it!

      • Ah. I’ve seen a few of their shows. Their ecchi is usually very extreme so for it not to be to bad in this show is an odd thing.
        I doubt it. I’ve seen several shows where they do it a few times and I always get so grossed out by it.

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