9 comments on “From up on Poppy Hill review

  1. Are you absolutly SURE you didn’t want to see him peeing some more? : P
    For some reason when I look at the pictures you’ve posted, I get this feeling the art was done by a super good artist by hand rather than a computer. I actually get that feeling with pretty much every Ghibli movie I’ve seen.

    • Positive. I may have developed a slight fetish for toothbrushes thanks to anime but, watching boys pee? No thanks.
      They do paint the backdrops, initially. Don’t know how they go about getting those paintings up onto a computer and animating them though. Perhaps I should investigate the process Studio Ghibli goes through when making their movies sometime…?

  2. You’re joking, right? An anime character on the toilet other than Naruto!? It’s ludicrous!
    Sounds interesting…

  3. I was at that same screening, and I pretty much agree with most of your thoughts.

    It felt like a really nice, fun comedy movie (about the saving of the Latin Quarter) that was hamstrung by a fairly sloppily plotted, awkward drama.

    If they’d just played it as a straight comedy – something Ghibli doesn’t normally do – it may not have pleased the critics as much, but it would have been all the better for it.

    Still a fun film, though.

    • Oh hey, this is your first time commenting on one of my posts! If you’ve just stumbled onto my blog by chance, feel free to look around. Hope to hear from you again sometime!

      I like to attend events like that as much as possible- support the industry and all…
      Oh yes, it was a very fun film indeed, I just thought the dorama conflicted with that fun aspect, and this is coming from someone who loves a bit of melodrama!

  4. I didn’t mind it either but the whole “may be related” thing turned me off since it would have been very awkward and I mean VERY (that’s just my opinion though). I agree with you about the art but for some reason throughout the whole time I watched this movie, it reminded me nonstop of Howl’s Moving Castle. O.O I’m guessing it’s because of the art? Anyways, I’m just glad they aren’t really related. ^-^’
    Almost through the movie I guess I could say I got a bit confused. Half of the time is was like “wtf is going on?!” but I eventually understood. >///<

    Oh and if you had to choose, which movie(s) are the top best:
    Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away
    Whisper of the Heart and Castle in the sky (Laputa)

    So far all of my friends and everybody that I know said the first two were the best. ;D

    • It just felt a bit out of place in a movie aimed at children, you know?

      Perhaps the art in Poppy Hill felt very Howl’s Moving Castle-esque ’cause the same colour palette was used in both movies? I know the artists working on the Ghibli movies often choose a specific colour, e.g. red for Spirited Away, and paint scenes using different variations of that colour…

      Spirited Away was one of my first ventures into anime, and both it and Howl’s Moving Castle are so magical (probably as they were based in such fantastical worlds), so I’d have to agree with your friends!

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