8 comments on “Avatar: Legend of Korra episode 2

  1. I went looking for the next episode but it’s nowhere to be found. At least this episode was good. I think the reason all the fighting is so good is because it’s all based on different fighting techniques which makes for some interesting battles. The bit with Korra using the air bending movements at the end was a nice touch but very sudden. i think her mastering airbending is going to be more about her gaining the mentality for it not just learning the movements because at the moment she is very unrefined.

    • Heh, there I was thinking the amazing fight scenes were because of the show’s HUGE budget! Well, huge at least in comparison to most anime’s…
      I think her airbending training will receive little attention to be honest- there are so many more, better plot points to focus on!

  2. You can find new episodes at nick.com. Also, Mako is most likely the love interest. The brooding bad boy always get the girls!

  3. I really liked this episode if I may say so I prefered it to the first it was nice to see some more characters:)

  4. I can only imagine what’d happen if Nickolodeon named one of their characters Jerk-Ass. All the phone calls by parents!

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