14 comments on “The problem with Fairy Tail…

  1. Fairy Tail has always had a problem creating any kind of consistent tone. I think my big pet peeve with the series is the opposite of yours, though, in that it will sometimes become far too dramatic too quickly. Remember Acnologia? I know I wasn’t the only person who found that whole thing jarring.

    • Sudden drama honestly bugs me far less than sudden comedy, I guess it’s just a matter of preference. Either way, shows should attempt to introduce these two aspects gradually rather than letting them hit the show like an atomic bomb, leaving disaster in its wake!

  2. That’s just how Natsu and Happy react, it’s their personalities. It would actually be wierd if they didn’t over react. With Lisanna they were happy, but with Lucy it was a sharp turn around. At best I think they could have ended the scene, but then they’d miss out on the comedy. Natsu and Happy do have their uses, if they hadn’t gone there, Lucy would probably have stayed in her room for longer.

    • OK, I can understand how they acted when seeing Lisanna again, though the average Joe would be shocked or confused, I think we’ve established by now that Happy and Natsu’s brains don’t operate in the same way as the average person’s! I still wished the show had dealt with Lucy’s mourning a little more sensitively though, even if that would have involved cutting the following scene with Natsu and Happy, having a little ‘time has passed’ montage and then maybe having that scene…

  3. I’ve been reading the manga, and while I’m still at the 10-volume mark, it’s something that I haven’t really encountered. The few tender moments were allowed to be. Or the comedy recovery wasn’t as harsh. So I’m wondering if there is a difference in how it’s handled between the anime and the manga.

    • I read the manga too, and I have to admit, it’s not something I’ve noticed either! Perhaps it is still present in the manga but, seems less pronounced due to there being none of Natsu’s ear-piercing Uwa~!s…

      • Maybe! xD All I know is at the end of Erza’s arc, the tender moments were at the very end of the volume, and there were no ‘uwa’s’, or irritating jokes during them. They were let to be. It was back to normal in the next volume and they were back in the guild, but… that was the next volume. So there was spacing and letting it be.

  4. That’s one of the things about the show that bugs me. But, I still like the show very much (when it isn’t filler) and can’t wait to watch it.

    • I’m surprised, what with how experienced you are as an anime watcher, you haven’t become disenchanted with shounen shows yet…

  5. I see your point, although personally I love the 180’s. The thing is, Fairy Tail is marketed for quite a big age range, think of it like a family show. Stuff like the 180’s is so that it is cartoonish enough for kids to enjoy it, while more serious moments and more adult jokes are for the older audiences. That’s my interpretation at least.

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