14 comments on “Remembering Love: Death Note and its characters’ questionable morals

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  2. Interesting choice. I always think like this. Humans always have some sort of darkness lurking within them. When there is light, there is shadows. When there is light, there are darkness. This anime captures that exceptionally well. Light is a seemingly normal school student, and just because he receives some sort of “toy”, he immediately abuse it, like a kid who just found out about his new “toy”.

    • I think, given some kind of amazing power, most humans would choose to use it for evil, or to promote their own interests- we’re kind of selfish as a species. Funny that Light thinks he’s so special when, when you get right down to it, he’s just using the Death Note like everyone else would, for his own selfish reasons.

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  5. Wait wait, why watch Bakuman…go read the manga instead 😀

    Anyways, Death Note once appeared on Adult Swim in America a long time ago. At that time I was in the phase of “I only watch anime on TV,” so I was, predictably, blown away by Death Note. It essentially challenged me on how great anime could actually be, and also asks questions that at the time were difficult for me: do you kill criminals? Do you control the world with fear in order to bring forth the good? In short, I kind of became a Death Note fanboy…which is why I decided not to even think about choosing it for my remembering love!

    • Oh, I’m sure the manga’s just as condescending of women…

      Exploring human nature is something I, a future criminal psychologist, find particularly enjoyable to mull over! Exploring such a thought-provoking topic so effectively also sets a show apart from all the shallow, soulless crap out there too, which is why I think Death Note is so memorable!

      Heh, I’m using this project as an excuse to stretch my inner fangirl’s legs, kudos to you for being so constrained!

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  7. Smosh has done a video based on Death Note. It’s kinda funny so you should check it out!
    As for liking the show, I thought it was alright. It was the third anime I watched online and I found myself only watching 2 or 3 episodes a day when the 2 shows I watched before it, Naruto and Bleach, I could watch 20+ shows a day. So back then I didn’t particularly love it but as time’s past I have a deeper appreciation for it.

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