15 comments on “Remembering Love: Rock Lee vs. Gaara, a true underdog story

  1. Aw, loved that fight- ‘t’was very good! you’re too much of a crybaby, seriously, you cry at everything! If you’ve seen it once or twice you shouldn’t cry again!!!!!

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  3. Actually, I did like this scene a lot some years ago. Was such a fun scene, and pretty shocking one too (after all, Gaara seemed to be on another level).

    As for the taboo you’re talking about, let’s just say most have moved on from the Big 3 experience. I think.

    • It was strange looking back and seeing how much of a twisted bastard Gaara used to be, oddly nostalgic.

      Naruto is no longer at the centre of my anime world but, I wouldn’t say I’ve moved on, per se, I still enjoy it and never allow myself to forget how instrumental a role it played in my becoming an anime fan in the first place.

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  7. This battle is one of my favorite battles in Naturo. Awesome actions and animations aside, it certainly does teach us the importance of working hard.

  8. I am quite confused partly because I’ve always regarded Neji as Lee’s rival if we’re going to talk about the talent vs. hardwork concept. Either way, it’s always a great feeling to root for the underdog when you know that the other guy is an arrogant bastard :P. (of course we both know Gaara’s not like that anymore and he’s got his own drama)

    • Oh Neji’s Lee’s rival for sure but, like Neji, Gaara’s abilities were handed to him on a silver platter, (albeit the whole jinchuuriki wasn’t something he actually wished for) so, in that respect Lee was still the underdog, my main point being that that’s what he’s been the entire time.

      It’s weird seeing just how much Gaara’s changed, huh?

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