4 comments on “Nazo no Kanojo X episode 7

  1. hahaha … it shows that you have not read the manga XD, tsubaki is very possessive, but equally also Urabe and much XD but nevertheless judged tsubaki very soon too would say I note that in lead and 66 manga cap, and the arc of Hayakawa ends in chapter 34, so in Chapter 8 tsubaki see how it behaves after a scene with Urabe XD, and see what can be nobler than that guy (besides patient), Oka despite all their flirtations, is the only friend with tsubaki Urabe and start doing the more “human”, in addition to tsubaki is happy that she empiese to be sociable, but fears that gradually Urabe becomes more normal, a feeling not only in boys, if not in men too, I think it’s very quick to talk about sexism, after all, which puts the rhythm in the relationship is Urabe

  2. I realize this comment is entirely out place (time-wise), but I’d always meant to go back and read these posts at some point, so. . .

    Anyway, I definitely saw the possessiveness in this episode too, but I interpreted it in a different way. I felt it was more trying to suggest that in a relationship you’ll become possessive – to a ridiculous extent, even – of your partner. At the same time, I felt that this particular aspect of their relationship in this episode was, indeed, ridiculous. So that’s another way to take it: you may become possessive of your partner, but take it too far and it just becomes silly (if not something darker). Thus, you could interpret it as a warning against partaking in such beliefs, as opposed to supporting them.

    • Oh no, no, no, feel free to comment on any of my posts at any time! It’s always nice to hear from ya’!

      From what I can remember (it seems an age ago now that I watched the show) Tsubaki’s possessiveness was portrayed very matter-of-factly. I don’t remember it being presented as either a good, or bad thing, I simply made it into a bad thing, as I view women being treated as possessions very negatively, so I’m interested in whether or not anything in the episode made you feel as though it was a warning against being ridiculously possessive, or if, like me, you’ve put your own spin on the events of the episode.

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