5 comments on “One of those boring update things May ’12

    • I’m not very good at this whole hiatus thing… Or deciding which shows to blog, it would turn out… I’m erring towards Humanity Has Declined at the moment- want to try my hand at covering a comedy, which I perceive could be a more difficult genre (always looking for a challenge!)

      • Clearly, you must be modeling Scamp 😀

        Well, if you want to do a comedy, check out Bingougami ga–it’s been helmed by the current director of Gintama’.

      • You know, that’s probably it…
        I might give blogging that one a go, but really depends on its length! I’m still new to this whole episodic blogging thing, don’t want to pick up a show that, like Gintama, goes on forever…

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