2 comments on “Avatar: Legend of Korra episode 8

  1. Tenzin getting mad is the last thing I think we’ll see happening. If he goes mental then Korra has no chance of wising up and learning air bending.

    All the plot points concerning Tarrlok are very open at this point and I suspect they will all get tied up nicely in the next few episodes.

    I am hoping that Aang helps Korra out her current mess. She is probably on her way to another part of the country so hopefully we get to see some new settings.

  2. I love this new Avatar so much I’m sad to see it go next week. I hope they bring some more back but with travelling some more, confined to a city storyline seems a little limiting.

    PS. Logging is es so much effort.

    PSS. Exams~? Reasoning for no new posts.

    PSSSSSSSSS. Getting my Skype messages? 😛

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