One comment on “Avatar: Legend of Korra episodes 11 & 12

  1. It’s okay mustache man we still love you even if your leader is a traitor and a liar.
    You summed up the series nicely and I’d like to help you fill in some of the plot holes by being creative. I think one of the great things about the series is that plot holes are so easy to fill.

    Take the scene where the air benders get captured. You don’t need to see it but after watching the entire first series with Aang and Uppa it’s pretty easy to guess how it went down. The sky bison tired in it efforts to flee and the remaining airship caught up. There was an entire day for this to happen so it’s plausible.

    The other thing I took differently to you was Amon’s motivation. He had already gained the ultimate power before the series started so I like to think that he was trying to cleanse the bending so that something awful won’t happen to children like it happened to him. He had solid motivations even though he went about enacting judgement the wrong way.

    The scene with Amon on the boat at the end with Tarrlok was by far the best. Seeing a tear in his eye right before his death was the most powerful imagery we were given and it’s a shame he was defeated so easily because he was such a great character.

    I can’t wait for a second season.

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