One comment on “Nazo no Kanojo X episode 13

  1. I’ve been catching up on the last few episodes of this series, and enjoyed reading your analysis – probably the most in-depth of it that’s I’ve seen.

    Your comments on the theme of possessiveness in the anime, in particular, were quite insightful, and I liked your discussion of the sexual politics and also symbolism.

    On the subject of their relationship lasting … early on Urabe refers to him as the *first* guy she will have sex with (and second actual boyfriend, I think) and Tsubaki says she is his *first* girlfriend. I think this may be a reflection of the basic realism of the series: this is not about eternal love, but about its initial awkwardness and the fumbling beginnings of young adulthood. Both may later meet other people, perhaps in college or afterward, but their first relationship may still be significant. In this it is perhaps more honest than some anime which postulate lasting love at first sight.

    The show itself … – the drool tasting made me feel uncomfortable in a way more overt expressions of intimacy had not done. I found myself wincing involuntarily. Must be a bodily fluid phobia (: As a metaphor, it worked well, though. Given other girls in the series also sometimes used it, I wonder if it could be considered a sort of “woman’s mystery” that (in the mythology of the series) nearly every girl knows about, but only shares with a select few. Another metaphor, perhaps.

    I was a bit surprised (in your episode 12) review that you thought Tsubaki was so immature. He seems about average for his class, given how Oka and Ueno react as well. You mentioned Tsubaki was embarrassed about having a girlfriend, but I didn’t get that at all. It was Urabe who insisted (in episode 3) he keep their relationship secret, after he said he wanted to tell other people.

    It may be this reflects cultural differences – I remember in my high school at 16-17 (in Canada) many guys were still very shy and inexperienced around girls of the same age. Not everyone, sure, but there were plenty of people, guys or girls, who had never had a date, either due to very protective parents, or their own shyness or insecurity. Sometimes this also had to do with socio-economic status. If you owned a car, you had mobile privacy. If you didn’t, and your parents had a standard 2-parent family with one at home, that could limit your options.

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