2 comments on “Binbougami-ga! episode 1

  1. I think there’s a fair number of comedies with female leads or co-leads over the years. (Urasei Yatsura with Lum and Ataru is a classic early example; Nyaruko-san this season, Panty and Stocking, etc.). But this show does stand out in having two female leads rather than a male straight man and an exotic girl (or vice versa). As from passing the Bechdel Test with flying colors, however, I agree it does have a somewhat masculine flavor to it, although perhaps not to excess. In some ways the style, fast pace and less-than-nice leads reminds me of Detroit Metal City (male lead, but well worth watching).

    Ah, so you’re in Britain? England, Scotland, Wales? (I’m in Canada, but lived in London, England when I was a kid). Odd observation on Britain and Anime: a bunch of classic anime, especially boys mecha series, seems have been influenced by ancient British “marionation” programs from the 1960s, which seem to have drifted over to Japan in the mid 1970s and made an impression there.

  2. I haven’t actually watched the first two shows you listed, but wow, can’t believe I forgot Panty and Stocking! That’s a show with two female leads, and whilst Panty is as crude and obnoxious as the worst of men, her sexual prowess, which managed to get the better of (what was it?) over 100 men, managed to make the show feel as though it was as much a comedy for the ladies out there than the men. Man, I want more shows like that…


    So which anime would you say were influenced by these marionation programmes? I would be interested in watching them at some point.

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