4 comments on “Binbougami-ga! episode 2- Mean Girls

  1. I agree, I felt the second wasnt as good as the first and felt very samey..
    Still fairly funny though…

    • So is this show still your favourite of the season so far? My hands down favourite has to be Uta Koi- I just love how enthusiastic (to the point of cheesiness) it is!

  2. Actually I thought that the second episode was better (read: funnier) then the previous one. For me it doesn’t have to have new ways of doing comedy to make it funny. If it’s funny then it’s funny.

    Also I am worried about how are you going to keep blogging this episodically since it as you said doesn’t really have a plot in the true meaning of the word. I think it will just keep the status quo it has now add a few more characters. Throw select characters into interaction to produce comedy and voila!

    I like the show but I don’t think it will be super original nor that it matters to me. ^^

    • Do you not find you tire of a show that uses the same jokes over and over though?

      Yeah, I plan to keep blogging the show until the bitter end (I’m the kind of person who despises leaving something half finished), even if my posts on it won’t be anything revolutionary! I’ll just have to learn from this and not blog a comedy without a storyline with progression next time, that way this whole experience won’t be wasted.

      I think my favourite thing about the show so far has to be Momiji- she doesn’t conform to society’s expectations of what a girl should be like (but then, why would she have to? She’s a God!), she just does whatever the hell she likes…

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