5 comments on “Binbougami-ga! episode 3- Money can’t buy me love

  1. I’m liking Binbougami Ga! quite bit, to my surprise. I enjoy a good comedy (Nichijou and Nichibros were quite excellent, in my opinion), but something about comedy with drama elements hooks me. I also like Sket Dance, so I guess that’s just my personal tastes(?).

    But yeah, the show definitely seems to be trying to deliver comedy, along with the story of Ichiko’s growth as a person. I honestly don’t know if it will stop the series from stagnating or getting old, but it’ll probably be enough to keep me interested (yes, I can enjoy the same/similar thing over and over again. That’s why I watched all 250 episodes of Gintama).

    • Binbougami’s OK… It’s not right up there with my favourite comedies- which include, incidentally Gintama and Nichijou (you have good taste sir, at least, in regards to comedy)- but that’s only because its supporting characters only serve as foils for Ichiko and Momiji, nothing more…

      Well, it’s certainly helped retain my interest in the show for a bit longer, if it had carried on in the same vein as the first two episodes for much longer I would’ve just died of boredom! Don’t get me wrong, the first two episodes were good, but a show needs to be constantly developing and trying out new things in order to keep me interested…

  2. Yeah, this was a good episode, and you had a handle on it: it was the character development and the sense that the show’s focus may be a gradual shift in the protagonist’s personality. (Also an interesting bit that suggested our Goddess of Misfortune might not be the misanthrope she comes across as either). A good mix of comedy and drama.

    Did you ever watch Excel Saga? The show reminds me a *little* bit of that, though they are quite different in most ways….

    • There was insight into Momiji’s character? Really? How so? I guess I must have missed that…

      I haven’t watched it, no, but I’ll look into it! It’s about time I write up my next list of 25 shows to watch anyway…

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