14 comments on “Why writing about comedies is more trouble than it’s worth

  1. I found this out a while back and have been trying to blog about story based anime more then comedy anime. You’ll probably also find that basic “Harem” or many girl style anime are hard to blog about in an interesting way as a lot of these anime just follow a text book story without innovation.

    Sword Art Online or Natsuyuki Rendezvous are probably the only anime this season which will generate interesting posts. But it’s not impossible to get interesting posts from the comedies it’s just a whole lot harder.

    • Well, I picked up a comedy knowing it would be hard, but I have certainly met my match! I’m seriously considering making my next Binbougami-ga! post my last, but the venture hasn’t been in vain- as you can see from this post, I’ve learnt a lot whilst blogging about it!

  2. All that you’re saying is completely true. Explaining why you liked a joke, is like trying to explain a slapstick joke to someone. It’s something you have to see to laugh (or not laugh) and having someone else explain it to you, just won’t cut it. So when it comes to blogging, it most definitely is difficult to do episodic posts on a comedy. I guess the time when it can work as something you can talk a lot about, is when it is has a strong story to back it up. Though, that isn’t too often the case.

    • I think, in order to find something funny, it’s also important to be there in the moment- the number of times my sisters have told a really unfunny story that was supposed to be funny and followed it up with a “You had to be there…” *rolls eyes* Blog posts, like the spoken word, can’t capture or recreate that moment of funniness, so what’s the point in trying to?

  3. I had a feeling this might happen. I don’t even review or rate strict comedy shows, because every has different definitions of what’s “funny.” As you say, definitely one of the hardest genres to blog about. I mean, you can almost always come up with out of nowhere analysis (shameless plug for own Queen’s Blade posts), but if you’re actually trying to make, you know, *truthful* insights, than it’s very difficult.

    To Ace’s suggestions, I’m gonna go ahead and add Jinrui and Kokoro Connect, since both of those seem to have sparked a lot of discussion (can’t speak for Jinrui since I’m not watching it myself).

    • I think I’m gonna stick at blogging Binbougami-ga! for the moment, maybe blog one more episode and see how I feel… Sorry, I know you’re enjoying my posts on the show… But like I’ve been saying, it’s not been a wasted experience ‘cause I’ve learnt NEVER TO BLOG A COMEDY WITHOUT A STRONG STORYLINE EVER AGAIN!! *pant pant*

      I think it’s acceptable to shamelessly plug your blog- I mean, businesses have to promote themselves in order to get anywhere, right? This is the same thing…

      Oh, I’m definitely going to check out your Queen’s Blade posts now…

      You know, I was thisclose to blogging Jinrui, I’d written the outline of my post on the first episode and everything! Shame I didn’t go with that in the end- I think I could’ve come up with some interesting posts…

  4. “Look Yamazaki’s dressed up as the Prince of Tennis, which is funny because he’s actually playing badminton, lol ,lol, lol!” I found this very insightful!

    You can’t explain a joke to someone beacuse then its not funny, you right in saying that everybody finds different things funny whilst I found Angel beast hilarious, I found LuckyStar much less on the funny side…

    • I’m glad I was of some help… *rolls eyes*

      Yet you try to explain something ‘funny’ that happened at school to everyone at the dinner table how many times? Check mate.

  5. On reflection, some of the best comedies are those that actually have stories to them, both because those stories allow the reader to connect better and because the humour can be greatly improved by being centered around the story. So even a fully comedic episode can give you something to talk about because of where it is placed in the story and what it means. But yes, I’ve tried to do posts on pure comedies, and it isn’t easy. I’d talk about every Yotsuba& chapter if I could, but that’s far too much.

    • I’m not sure I’d agree- some of my favourite comedies, Arakawa, Azumanga, Nichijou and Ouran, to name but a few, don’t have what you’d call a really strong storyline to ‘em. I tend to find the outlandish and ridiculous the most funny, and I suppose these things are naturally easier to have in a show without a story- you can be as crazy as you like due to not having to worry about issues of continuity and the like.

  6. Covering pure comedy series is a pain, I tried in the past, but I now decided to stay away from it. There isn’t just enough material to cover, and being there to explain jokes is just…lame! 😀

    • Explaining jokes kind of just makes me feel like a condescending bitch, like when my step-dad has to explain every single plot-point in every single movie ever to my mum *rolls eyes* There is just no rewarding aspect of covering a comedy!

  7. I ended up writing episodics on a comedy called Nekogami Yaoyorozu, or Cat God. It was always so easy to write. As in, it was good that I summarized it then gave my thoughts on whether I thought it was funny or not, even when it interjected some drama in some episodes.

    Clearly, I learned my lesson. And that lesson is to never cover a comedy again.

    • Was there really that much to summarise? I mean, it was a comedy- they don’t always have the most complicated of stories, huh? But I suppose that was part of the problem, heh, heh…

      Well, this was a lesson I too needed to learn at some point, better sooner than later!

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