4 comments on “Binbougami-ga! episode 4- My fair lady?

  1. Well, think counterfactually: in a place with many lolis and traps, liking smaller breasts skirts the danger zone. Conversely, one way to defend yourself, and maximize your odds, is to favor tits and lots of them.

    At least, if you were a betting (wo)man!

    • I ask not that the character sing the praises of smaller boobs (for the reasons you stated), but that he not insult women with them. Women with small breasts are not truly women, pah…

  2. I think the “joke” in this case was more her getting angry him for being perverted and…well, awful…as opposed to what he said itself. As in, they wanted you to laugh at the slapstick reaction, not him being a terrible person. In either case, I think that line was a little too much, but…

    • I can’t imagine anyone laughing at her getting angry, I imagine most will be too taken aback by that horrible, horrible line to pay her reaction much notice, even as loud as it was!

      I wonder what made the powers be think a line like that was acceptable?

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