9 comments on “Why my sister- and you guys- should give Uta Koi more of a chance

    • What’s not to get exactly?
      Samey in that some characters re-appear during later episodes and that love is at the heart of each story? Do these minor things really bother you?

  1. I actually enjoyed Uta Koi’s first two episodes. But I put it on hold. I’m watching too many shows at the moment. Shall try to catch up when things get somewhat light. But I’ll endorse your sister to watch the series. It has some mature and sometimes clever writing, which you can’t say for a bunch of shows this season.

    • I haven’t actually watched that many shows this season, but Jinrui has often surprised me in much the same way as Uta Koi, that is, the overwhelming silliness puts you at ease, meaning the serious parts really catch you off guard and get to ya’!

  2. I’m quite liking Uta Koi as well. This stories aren’t particularly gripping or exciting, but they always keep me interested them from start to finish. I’ll admit I’ve had a fair amount of difficulty keeping up with all the different characters and their relations to each other and what times they lived in and so on. At it’s heart, though Uta Koi seems like a series that genuinely interested in telling a story (or multiple stories in this case), and understanding those stories themselves is quite simple. It’s a pleasant show. No, it’s not a “must watch” for me, but I think it’s good enough to warrant calling it “good.” At the very least, I feel that it’s worth giving it a chance (to echo your post’s message).

    • Yeah, sometimes I get confused about who’s who, but that’s mostly ‘cause the character designs are all kept fairly similar…

      Oh yes, it’s by no means a masterpiece, but I feel as though many may have overlooked it due to the stories being based on poems, unfair given that- at least, this is what I believe- almost anyone can relate to at least one of the stories on some level, which makes the show quite heart-warming, when you do identify with a story, that is.

  3. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Uta Koi, but despite being curious about it, I decided to skip it. I got too much to watch anyway!

    Seems like it was a mistake…

    • I mainly decided to watch it ‘cause I watched Chihayafuru a few seasons back. Did you get to see it? The karuta card game Chihaya focuses on actually uses these poems, both gives you an appreciation for the cultural importance of these poems and a reason to be interested in the show in the first place.

      • I’ve heard that! And no, I never watched Chifufu, but if I had, I would definitely watch Uta Koi. Would be a good preperation for the second season, you know? 😀

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