7 comments on “Binbougami-ga! Bye-onara~!

  1. I understand why you’d stop blogging this show, too. It definitely has nothing to do with your abilities, just from watching the show myself, I can’t think of much to say about it either. Some parts are funny, some are not. They also try to throw in a cliché theme that Ichiko may have nearly everything, but still feels empty without the true love from a family. ugh. And that’s pretty much all this series has to offer.

    • Oh good, so I wasn’t coming off as being arrogant then?

      Yeah, there’s little I can say in regards to story- there has only just been progression of some sort and, as you said, it’s all very clichéd! I’d only end up slating the show week after week, which I’m sure people don’t really want to see. And there’s absolutely no point in explaining jokes to people! So basically, I thought I’d cut my losses… But at least I’ve been able to take something from this: don’t blog comedies!

  2. Trying to blog a series like Binbougami-Ga! takes enjoyment out of enjoying the series. Shut up I tried to make sense–Anyways, I learned my lesson with Cat God. It was cool to blog, but that might have taken away the real enjoyment I would have had if I just watched it and not blogged about it since it was a comedy. Comedies are meant to be enjoyed and not blogged about :p

    You should just go blog Hyouka. Oh wait. It’s almost over O.o

  3. You should consider blogging Uta Koi or Jinrui (though admittedly, I’m not super keen on Jinrui ’cause I don’t watch it myself), if you feel the need to blog episodics at all. I remember you expressing an interest in Jinrui, and Uta Koi seems like there’s enough subcontext to make interesting posts out of.

    I think if there was one piece of advice I’d give you (you know, ’cause I’m such an expert at episodic blogging *coughs*), it’s a branch off of something Draggle said a little while ago. Say something if you have something to say. So basically, if you find an episode of Binbougami Ga! really stands out to you and you want to say something about it on your blog, then make the post. By the same token, if you have nothing to say about something, then why force yourself? In other words, interest > purpose.

    Then again, I suppose blogging certain episodes selectively is some sort of episodic blog taboo, so I guess I shouldn’t recommend it. Well, either way I’m sure I’ll enjoy what you write, so…yeah.

    P.S. Actually I think you should blog your retro gaming adventures as you spend days upon days of trying to evolve Magikarp. Nothing like some video game posts (totally not biased) to spruce a blog up. 😉

    • I did originally want to blog Jinrui, choosing Binbougami-ga over it literally at the last second, but I don’t think I could blog it now it’s already 8 episodes through. I’d rather start blogging a show right from the start, not for any particular reason really, I just want the project to be whole- I’m just a bit OCD like that…

      Draggle’s rule looks to be something I unconsciously adopted myself- I dropped blogging Binbougami-ga because I just had nothing more to say about it… But the show I’m considering blogging next has a far meatier storyline, so I think my posts will be better than my Binbougami-ga ones given that I’m bound to enjoy the show much more as a result! I hope you’ll read and enjoy them!

      You know, I was actually considering writing about a couple of video-games this summer (I marathoned a couple of legendary survival-horror games and was thinking of writing about my experiences with them), but I figured I wouldn’t have a very large audience given I’ve presented this as an anime blog…

      • Well, look at it this way. Even if you may not be appealing to your normal anime-centric audience, you’re drawing in readers from a different fandom. Since it’s just the occasional post, it’s not like you’d turn away your regular readers, and maybe you’d expose them to something new. At the same time, you’d be attracting people who wouldn’t normally search for your blog to your writing. Sure, some or even most of them won’t be interested in your anime posts. But by the same token, chances are a few will be interested in what you have to say, and if you gain new readers, well…why not?

      • I suppose it was foolish of me to be hesitant when I’ve written posts not on anime that have proven to be popular in the past, my Korra posts and a certain Pokemon post, for example.

        And besides, blogging is something I do for fun, so I should write about whatever I want so long as it’s fun, right?

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