4 comments on “Enough with all the nice-y-nice already!

  1. I can really agree with this post. It’s something I’ve never really thought about, but true enough thinking of my own interactions with my friends versus the ones I see in anime, the difference is really evident.

    I can’t come up with a proper explanation for this, but much like you tried to, I’m sure its for a number of reasons. I think a lot of it does have to do with the target audience. I know we don’t want to pull the “blame men” card, but K-ON’s fanbase is more predominantly men. They want to see cute girls doing cute things, and I guess girls poking fun at each other doesn’t fit the bill.

    So yes, on one hand we do get a lot of series where the girls are simply…unrealistic. Maybe the girls in Japan are more reserved, but I’m doubtful its to the extent we see in anime. Then again, there are a few series that make the exception, the two that you named are good examples, and there’s also Haganai and Seitokai Yakuindomo that you can add to that list, along with a few others I’m sure. Still, it’s clearly less common.

    • I’d be interested to see if anime that portray interactions between females more realistically are significantly less popular with men- that would definitely lend credibility to your theory the large majority of anime portray females behaving too nicely around one another to cater to male needs. You can boil most things about anime down to producers simply trying to cater to what they believe a show’s potential audience will want, really.

  2. I agree that I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more toying and bantering between the characters, but while I am a bit tired of the “super nice” anime characters, I am just as tired, if not even more, of the typical Western group relationships. They can be pretty annoying at times, not letting certain things go, being moody and whatnot.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to trade it for an “all nice” group we usually see in anime. It feels way more relaxing and personal. While it might be a bit odd to compare anime to reality, I’d argue that what we see in anime is more true to the characters selves. Instead of putting up a facade as we in reality do in groups, they are themselves and enjoy it.

    • You know, I can handle shows where the large majority of girls treat each other as politely as if they were strangers because there’s usually at least one character who acts comparatively normal thrown into the mix at some point, e.g. K-ON! had Sawa-chan, Kimi ni Todoke had Yano and Yoshida, but I find anime where all the characters are that level of nice (you were thinking of Aria, huh?) a little unsettling- it’s just so far removed from the kind of interaction between members of a group I’m used to…

      So yeah, bring on the moody Western group relationships!!

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