12 comments on “Not another interrogation post!

  1. Ace Railgun of Ace Railgun sounds so pompous… I like that.

    Your answers are interesting to say the least. Your methods to take over the world are very intrusive. Though nobody would care because they’d all be nice and peaceful people.

    Fear of cheese. That’s just a little bit crazy but we all have something crazy in us it’s just that most of us hid it.

    • And that’s why my plan to take over the world is (almost) foolproof!!

      I’m adamant that there should be a crazy-pride day, like gay-pride, but for the loons out there!

    • Looking forward to hearing your answers…

      But yeah, I love projects like this- a great way to get the whole blogosphere involved and help us all meet and interact with other bloggers.

  2. Kyaaa~! I am so flattered to be mentioned XD Anyway I’m quite pressed for time at the moment so I unfortunately won’t be able to do a full post, but instead shall answer your questions here.

    1) Is there anyone you consider your hero in the blogosphere?
    If I had to choose only one I’d probably have to say ghostlightning of We Remember Love – I adore reading his posts even if I don’t often comment. You can really feel ghost’s passion for whatever he’s talking about through his writing. But in general I massively admire anyone who’s been blogging for years on end without ever getting stale or burned out – it takes a lot of passion & dedication (and ego) to keep plugging away week after week.

    2) If you had to blog about something other than anime/manga/video-games, what would it be?
    It would probably be Harry Potter or LOTR. They’re the two fandoms I was most active in before coming back to anime and letting it completely take over. I am a huge geek.

    3) What is the anime series you are most embarrassed about liking?
    Although they are widely acknowledged to be a bog standard examples of crappy shoujo fluff, I still really like Fruits Basket and Fushigi Yuugi. I also really enjoy my weekly dose of cheesy shounen goodness with Naruto, Fairy Tail & all the others……I fail at being an elitist aniblogger.

    4) Totally out of the left field, but… if you nursed a desire to take over the world, how would you go about doing it?
    Disclosing my plans would mean I would have to kill you. I happen to quite like you so I’ll keep quiet for now – have a picture instead~! http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d97/caraniel/Image%20spam/Yukari_Zeon.jpg

    I’m think some people know of my hairdresser phobia, but I’m not quite sure if they know quite how ingrained in me it actually is. Recently I had to have my hair cut because in a few weeks time I’m going to head off on a trip round the world, and my butt length curls were not exactly practical. Before this cut my last trip to a salon was, oh about 8 years ago? I am utterly terrified of hairdressers. My Imouto had to accompany me this time and make me sit still so that the stylist could do his job……..and I think that my tension rubbed off on him because he left my hair a bit longer than I asked! But yeah, I couldn’t really tell you what sparked my fear of hairdressers – although I have had some truly terrible haircuts in the distant past that took an age to grow out……

    • Why is it us bloggers feel we have to be elitist? Just because some of us enjoy an unhealthy dosage of shounen, doesn’t mean our opinions are any less valid… >.<

      Awesome Yukari-sensei picture! I feel that, if she ever decided to take over the world, she could totally do it…

      I too am terrified of going to the hairdresser’s. Though it is not the act of having my hair cut that terrifies me (I actually quite like having my hair groomed and toyed with), but the hairdressers themselves. They’re all so thin and well-groomed with perfect, perfect hair! I can’t help but think they think to themselves: “eurgh, who is that tiny 13 year old (for I have the physique of a 13 year old) girl whose fringe almost completely covers her eyes and wears jumpers with assorted arctic animals on them that are waaay too big for her?” whenever they see me… v.v

      Anyway, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!!

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    • Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

      Why only Kana? Well ‘cause I relate more to Kana than I do the other Minami sisters! We’re most alike, personality-wise!

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