2 comments on “My top 10 characters

  1. “IZAYYYAAAAA-KUUUUUNNNNN!!!” I love him so much! He really is a character that you just want to figure out what makes them tick. He most definitely would make it in my top 10. Yotsuba would also make my top 10. She’s so cute!

    I love Kuranosuke too, and I agree with everything you’ve said about him. I seriously need to rewatch Kuragehime soon! Your thoughts on Akito were also really interesting. Kyou would make my top ten, but Akito is damn interesting too. At first I thought I didn’t like her (she’s a tortured soul, but still kinda evil), and yet whenever she would appear in a chapter in the manga, I would be excited to read more. Akito was most definitely one of the most interesting characters in the series, so I definitely understand why you’d place her on your list.

    • I’m glad you could agree with many of my character choices and that you’d even include some of them on your own list (which you should totally write, by the way, I’d be interested to see who else made the cut!)

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