4 comments on “Another interrogation post!! Yes, I am loved…

  1. What do you mean, revenge?! That was my *thanks* for giving me that life-saving pizza! I thought I was gonna die!

    My questions:
    1) It can totally be something you played recently!

    3) Wow, I really want to play MGS now…curse me and my console-less life!

    And while I’m at it, I also wish I could play the Resident Evil games. My brother and I tried out RE 5 recently (while we were house-sitting for our more console-endowed cousins) and hated it, but I’ve always wanted to play 4.

    SweetPea’s questions:
    1) Great choice! I would definitely feel safe with Kino (though I think I would probably harbor a fear of her abandoning me for survival reasons).

    4) Wow, that’s a lot of anime! I only own Mushishi, Kino no Tabi, and Baccano! on DVD…yeah, I’m very stin-I mean, thrifty.

    “It annoys me whenever my parents say Naruto wrong (which is a lot)”

    Hahaha, the reason I stopped getting Inuyasha on DVD from Netflix (which led to my watching it online, which in turn led to me watching with subs) was because my mom would always get the disk and say “[Sato], your…Inu…yashi? DVD is here.” It annoyed the heck out of me. How could she even make that mistake?! There aren’t even any “i” letters in the title!

    • Ah, but wasn’t that your original intention by summoning your ‘fiendish familiar’?

      You know, you can get second-hand consoles dead cheap off of the internet. I just did a search for PS2s on eBay and found you can buy them for just over £30 (or just under $50 dollars!) I mean, PS2s may seem a bit of a step down from PS3s, but pretty much all of the best games I’ve ever played (the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the Resident Evil franchise, the Silent Hill franchise, the first Ratchet and Clank, etc.) are for the PS2 anyway!!

      I think they do it on purpose really! At least I’m sure mine do! My step-father’s a reiki practitioner, so he does know how to pronounce Japanese words correctly, he just chooses not to to annoy me!

  2. Thanks for the tag Ty-chama! I’ll answer in this comment box as I’ve done with all the other tags!

    1) Would you please regale me with a story recounting any humorous anime-related experience you have had? Clue: the answer to this question is not ‘no’, it is ‘yes’, and then you go on to say what that experience was!

    Is it strange that I remember nearly no humourous real life anime-related experience? 😐

    2) Has the red-mist of nerd-rage ever descended upon you? If so, elaborate.

    Not really, never raged hard about anime or manga either in real life or online, but I’m not really a guy that rage at all in the first place…

    /me is definitely boring. 😐

    3) If you had to cosplay as any anime/manga/video-game character, who would it be?

    I have no need to cosplay as I’m the Kyubey already, but if I had to choose it would be Toori Aoi from Horizon. *__*

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