6 comments on “One of those boring update things Sept ’12, plus university weirdness

  1. lots of Immature people+ red shiny handles that will make really loud noises= people pulling fire alarms. Sorry you had to find out the hard way! : (
    Oh, I love how your picture for NHK has the poster of the woman with her boobs sticking out! Sadly, I have any seen Welcome to the NHK and a few episodes of Honey and Clover from your list… And now I’m humming the pururin song!
    Ps: Jägerbombs seem disgusting!

    • Is that kind of poster not the norm in regards to the posters males of that age choose to adorn their walls with? It certainly is for the large majority of guys I know!! Anyway, you should definitely get ‘round to watching some of these shows, improve that questionable taste of your’s!

      PS: They are.

  2. Out of these shows, I think the one that best paints a picture of school life from what I’ve seen is Honey & Clover. Of course I never did get to see NHK, though I know quite a few people like the Genshiken cast.

    And yes, university has been tough on us all.

    • Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about the Genshiken guys!! If I’d have remembered them, I would’ve totally used them instead of NHK!

      The refrigerator stopped working during the night and now I’m going to have to throw away aabout £20 worth of dodgy smelling meat. This. Is. Tough.

  3. Hope the fire alarm deal stops soon and you adjust soon. . .but first things first, congratulations on starting university! I look forward to what you come up with for us once you get settled in.

    • Cheers!

      The security guards have practically moved into our block now in their attempt to catch the prankster, I’m sure we’ll all be on first name terms in no time!

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