5 comments on “Oh dear, I think I’m being pigeonholed as an episodic blogger!!

  1. Pidgeonholing is not a good thing, but fulfilling a niche can be. There’s also the plus side of keeping your “core content” very focused so people know to come to your blog for that kind of content.

    That said, I’m all for bloggers expanding their horizons. If it doesn’t work out, okay (just look at my attempt at episodics). And if it does, you’ve opened doors to possibly a whole other audience, plus you get to show your expertise in varied topics, plus you get to express your thoughts about more than just anime! The possibilities are practically endless! I think I’ve said this before, but whatever you do end up choosing to do, I’m interested in reading it (within reason).

    Also, I feel like that blogroll note is directed in part at me. . .guess I should get on that.

    • I suppose I wouldn’t mind being pigeonholed if it were for something unique, that only I’ve dared to do, like finding my own niche- something I’m yet to do…

      Really, you felt that way? That was entirely unintentional, promise.

      On another note, I liked your Binbougami-ga! episodic.

  2. I know what you mean. I recently felt that I limited myself by only writing reviews (even the episodic ones), so I started up my own editorial stuff. It lefts me explore different facets of why I’m a fan. I’m going to be making a point of doing them so I don’t pigeonhole myself again.

    • I definitely need to check out some of your editorial stuff sometime- I’ve only read your reviews as it stands…

      Another one of the reasons I’m not so keen to be pigeonholed as an episodic blogger is that episodic posts aren’t even what I enjoy writing the most, it’s my editorials. And as I enjoy writing editorials more, I feel as though they are of a much higher quality than my episodic posts- I’d much rather be associated with the kind of post I feel I’m better at writing! : p

  3. I personally don’t mind seeing editorials on anime blogs that are not about anime. Just that they aren’t prevalent over the focus of the blog that any blogger defines for himself. If someone posts something unrelated to anime I will either be interested and read/skim through it or I will ignore it.

    Funny thing is that same applies to anime episodic or editorial posts. Either you find it interesting or you don’t. I don’t see how anyone could detest that you are posting more stuff even if they are unrelated to anime. You are only broadening the possible reading audience.

    Of course being too broad has it’s perils too. If you don’t met up with the level of content produced for someone’s particular tastes you might lose a reader. So in the end I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone but don’t overdo it. That being said as long as your post are 50(?)% or more focused on anime you are going to be probably fine.

    But hell what do I know. That is just an assessment of a naive fool that is I. That is just how I see it. Hope that my post is not un-helpful.

    In the end I would say that you should do what you want. If you are not enjoying your blog then what is ultimately the point of having it? (Not that I know. I will never ever forever understand the mindset of people that have blogs and stuff. =P)

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