8 comments on “Angel’s Egg- an unlikely story of hope

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  3. Interesting interpretation of the story, it actually makes sense now. If you’re right, I can see why at the end of the movie when they were panning out, you could see a large sunken ship.

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  5. Interesting interpretation, but mine differs completely. You fail to account for (until the very end) the fact that the world is portrayed as dark, barren, and dysfunctional, as if that were a mere meaningless stylistic choice. The way the world is portrayed, including the nightmarish design of “god”, is to set the tone for the events – that what is happening is not a hopeful or even “holy” thing. This movie is a scathing review of Christianity.

    I believe it represents the director’s mind, with elements of his internal struggle post-disillusionment, to resolve the lingering spirits, the still faithful sides of him and the teachings he abandoned, in some way. The girl was the last innocent. The man is visually shown as not enjoying “saving” her, or that he had to basically trick her to do it.

    The way the director chose to resolve this dying world (rejected and abandoned, like god, the world he created, and the ark) was interestingly through religious metaphor re-imagined in a fantasy world. I think it’s intended to be a mockery of Christianity and religion.

    The reason the man’s version of the story of the ark differs from the bible is because he’s not telling the story of god and Noah. He’s telling the story of the director and his loss of faith.

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