6 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 1- Horror movies may ruin this for me…

  1. The school sequence did have that cool little scene where the guy crossed the rope boundary and got chased down and I assume killed. That gives me hope for future episodes.

    Other then that the cat shadow thing that was following the girl around (I can’t remember the names either) was a good touch. Hopefully stuff gets more interesting next episode. All of them outside the rope and this series will be great.

  2. Am I a tad late for commenting on this post?
    I watched that three minute or so section with the juxtaposed scene.
    And I think I gotta say that NGE hasn’t ruined such scenes like that for me. Specifically the Rebuild. Ty, do you remember that scene with unit 03 angel in the TV series? In Rebuild 2.22 they’ve redone it, and juxtaposed it to disturbing levels. We’re talking cranking up the gore to 11, and instead of the battle music from the tv series, they got a relaxing, upbeat tune, sung by kids about friendship and being together… Google search of “Unit 01 vs Unit 03 (Full) – Evangelion 2.22 Best Scene” can find that scene very quickly in pretty high quality if you were curious 🙂

    • Nope, comment away!

      I’m afraid I don’t remember that angel, no. But I’ll Youtube it to see what you mean!

      So why do you think scenes like that are so effective?

      • Make sure to look at the Rebuild scene for it. The original is not juxtaposed, instead just with battle music. Which will illustrate my point exactly; the original scene was accompanied by the standard battle music for the TV series. This scene does not stand out in any meaningful way, other than that Shinji hand’s was being forced by the Dummy Plug, but it does feel like the focus of the scene. But in the Rebuild, where they used the juxtaposition, the information both senses (ears and eyes) are sending to the brain conflict; its unexpected, its jarring. It makes the brain think this should not be happening, that something is wrong. And this exactly what the scene is all about; Shinji is being forced to harm another human against his will and his morals. It disowns lore which has been built up this point on the series than a Pilot is needed to control the Eva… scenes like this work so well because they involve clever use psychology. But with all media, overexposure will lead to desensitized viewers, it will lose its significance. So I hope this isn’t the rise for more liberal use of this technique.

      • You were right- this scene was a magnificent example of what I was talking about! I especially loved how it was clearly very young children singing during this scene- the innocence in their voices clashed superbly against the brutality of EVA 01, more so, I imagine, than if a happy melody with no singing had been used.

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