4 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 2- Look at those visuals- it’s like a Seurat painting!

  1. Whaaaat? What kind of cop out was that? Doing things like that in an anime denies some story/character development, and hurts the overall quality of the series. The only way I could see such a cop out working is within a comedic anime, that did in a funny way (considering people watch those more for the laughs than the great story).

    • Actually, it can work in some instances (doesn’t Romeo and Juliet start off by telling the audience both of them die by the play’s end?). But another reason I don’t think it worked for me in this instance again centres on the fact Maria’s played no kind of role whatsoever in the show- telling us she’s, like, the final boss, or whatever, just seems odd and out of place. It’s like: oh, she’s evil… so what?

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