9 comments on ““Why meee!?” – Ty-chama on possibly why all her favourite characters die

  1. Berserk – Better question for this show is who doesn’t die in it.
    Blood+ – Is the little boy one of the characters?
    Claymore -Same as Berserk
    Darker than Black -Same as Berserk
    Death Note (first and second favourite characters again) -Same as Berserk
    Gantz -Same as Berserk
    Naruto Shippuden -Lots of deaths couldn’t pick
    One Piece – The brother right?
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (not that death, but that death) – That girl right?

    That part out of the way I do have to ask what is really the point of this post. Nobody really likes to read the soppy thought’s of other people especially if they don’t really know the person in hand personally.

    It doesn’t really contain any interesting thought just a stream of vague data that doesn’t mean really anything. If you had blogged about a certain death of your favorite characters then there might have been some people who had an emotional connection to the said characters and posted something constructive or emotional.

    The way it is now it doesn’t offer incentive for a philosophical discussion or emotional one.

    And again. Nobody likes seeing people go emo. I think that you have too many posts where you pity yourself on this blog. It’s not attractive or interesting in the slightest.

    Don’t try to sound too harsh but I want to make you start thinking about this stuff when you get your inspiration to write about stuff.

    • Hrm I didn’t really wanted to sound this harsh. Maybe I should have expressed myself differently. I posted this comment as (hopefully) constructive criticism (thought in my opinion I have failed at that point hehehehehe…..he…….)

      I do overall enjoy your posts so I want you to keep on doing them. ^^

      • Though I understand the anonymity of the internet makes it easier to be hurtful and not have to worry about any repercussions, I believe it’s still good practise to think before you write- you are still addressing another living, breathing person who, even if you don’t witness it first-hand, will still be very hurt by harsh words.

        Though I am glad to hear you enjoy my posts- you made it out as though you despised them.
        As it stands, I do not write solely for the pleasure of others- you cannot please everyone, no matter how hard you try, so it would be a fruitless task. I write for my own enjoyment. That post was what I fancied writing at the time, so that’s why I wrote it. I don’t need any other reason.

        If you’re looking for more positive posts, I’ve written plenty of those too:





        It’s just a matter of looking for them.

      • The reason why I wrote my post was basically because I was feeling a bit frustrated at your post because as I said before I didn’t thought that you went to the either side of the spectrum quite far enough. Neither in the emotional aspect or constructive. You gave me nothing to really think about or to get emotional about and thus while I thought the idea had potential it let me with nothing substantial to talk about.

        Also the reason I commented in the tone I did was because the very first post that I read when I encountered this blog was named (paraphrasing because too lazy to find the exact title) “Can you post…Please?” in which you asked for advice on how to get your blog more commented on and to be super short basically said that you should write more editorials than episodic posts because only people that are interested in shows will comment on it which basically limits your possible audience and commentators.

        In light of that post I commented the way I did. I assumed that you still care about getting comments and that is how I based my criticism. I don’t meant to attack your intention but your execution.

        I am sorry if you felt hurt by my comment but that wasn’t my intention. And while running a risk of sounding like a jerk I will say you this. Suck it up. =P The internet as you said because of the anonymity is a spawning ground for hurtful comments but compared to what I have seen my comment is so mild in comparison that it is well, … incomparable.

        I’ve played online games where a person would talk to me in game and tell me “uninstal plz” or “kill yourself”. Single line comments with so much hate and spite that is mind-blowing for a person. Compared to comments like those I gave you my feeling on the matter, my opinion on the matter, actually advised you on how it might have been better. Although my choice of words could have been far, far better I honestly do not think I did something truly wrong. Except the fact that I acted too negatively of course. =p

        Again sorry! x_x

      • I’m sorry you didn’t get as much out of this post as you would’ve liked. I’d had a particularly draining week, but I’ll work harder to ensure my posts are of a better quality in future regardless of the kind of week I’m having.

        As for criticism, I don’t know if you ever got the chance to read Marow’s ‘Your Blog Sucks – Criticism in the Aniblogosphere’ post on Anime Viking, but my views on it are, unless I’ve specifically asked for it as I did in my Comment… Please? post, I do not like to receive it. It kind of feels like an unprovoked attack. Perhaps I should just suck it up and take criticism on the chin- I wish I could, but due to some mental health issues, I just can’t, but it’s something I’m continually working on! I hope you’ll bear with me.

        I’m sorry to hear you’ve received such terrible comments, some people are jerks, through and through.

    • There are a few things about your criticisms I feel I should point out. You say “nobody” twice in this comment. That’s a pretty darn inclusive word. Nobody means absolutely zero people. . .and that’s just not true. People LOVE hearing about other people. Human interest stories are naturally fascinating to us. Certainly, *fewer* people might get something out of this post than, say, a post on why the death of X character in Y show was so important. But to say *no one* got something out of it? That’s just false. I mean, I get what you’re saying, but considering that word choice is what would make Ty sound emo, it’s important to keep it in mind, lest you make yourself sound like a jerk, or worse, an uninformed commenter (both images I’m sure most of us wish to avoid).

      The second thing is that discussion doesn’t need *incentive*. This is the blogosphere. We like talking to other people. That’s why we make posts and comment on others’ blogs. ANYTHING can be a springboard for discussion. Heck, that idea you had, about how a particular character who died had whatever effect on someone? It’s a totally valid possibility that something like that crops up here in the comments. They could use this post a stepping stone to talk about their own experiences with the death of a favorite character. Seriously, nothing is easier to start than discussion, because people love talking and hearing stories. Sure, you can’t inspire everyone (we all have unique lenses – for instance, someone may not have had any of their favorite characters die, and would thus have no context for something like this), but that’s true no matter what kind of post or how good it is.

      The last point is purely my own opinions on the matter, but is “constructive” discussion the only thing that makes a blog post “good?” Could it not also be a worthwhile if it does something as “simple” as entertaining the reader? I suppose that might fall under the emotional connection you posited, since I was indeed entertained. . .in that case though, it would only prove my point that it is rather easy to elicit a response from the audience. Well, either way, I think it’s an aspect worth bringing up

      Anyway, I just thought I’d put that out there as a fellow commenter & member of the blogosphere, and as someone who enjoyed the post.

      • Funny thing as you said that nobody is quite an inclusive word because when I think about it I always think as an exclusive word. Because it’s nobody, aka no one.

        Yeah my wording of nobody was incorrect. Let me put in another way. Nobody likes to hear that people are suffering because of certain problems they have. People do like to hear about other peoples problems and I did forget about that. I am currently not in my home town but back there I have a female friend that regularly would talk to me about her problems and I did like to hear her problems and offer her advice on how to solve her issues.

        Later on as she is a psychology student she explained to me that females like to talk about their problems and that is the way they deal with them and as man are being of practicality they offer solutions to the said problems while all the females want is for someone to her about her problems as that helps them emotionally.

        I forgot about that fact. I would get so frustrated talking to her sometimes because I wanted to help but eh…Yeah it is an interesting thing you made me remember about.

        Also true you can’t inspire everyone but I thought this post could have been just a little better at that so I tried to help..hehehe…he….eeeeee…..

        Also yeah post certainly don’t need to be constructive for human beings to derive pleasure or enjoyment or whatever someone gets off to. People are always surprising me daily in what crazy things they do or think. (I say crazy because they are not something that I would think of myself but it can be perfectly natural for them. Not that it is bad in any way, shape or form) People are fun.

  2. In my case, the only times characters I like tend to die are in series where most people die, but it doesn’t stop it from sucking when they do die. I know a few people who are like this, though. One girl I know got so used to it she thought Grey from Fairy Tail would die just from watching the opening.

    • It’s not easy, I could stop trying to care about characters to save myself the pain (I’m not just being melodramatic there, when I get attached to a character, I get attached to a character), but then, if I don’t care about characters, I’m not going to find myself enjoying the shows I watch very much, huh?

      Oh, and tell your friend: she’s not alone.

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