5 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 3- Evil minoshiro > all the other characters

  1. The narrator is actually our main character in the future, or at least I believe it is. She often talks about events as if she withnessed them as continues to say “we” when referring to the main group!

    I’m also starting to enjoy SSY, especially its world. But just as you, I don’t care about its characters in the slighest. At least it has the courage to slowly build on its premise instead of rushing it all in the first episode like many other series. Shit will probably hit the fan soon. Would work better if I knew the characters.

    • Yeah, kind figured that! Just thought it’d be less confusing to go on saying narrator than Saki or older Saki! So what do you think about the narration?

      Come to think of it, I didn’t like that many of the characters in other tension-y shows. The three that leap to mind are Higurashi, Infinite Ryvius and Shiki. I only liked a handful of characters between all three! I wonder if there’s a connection? Is it that the shows are so busy developing tension they fail to develop their characters, or do they purposefully make it hard to attach yourself to the characters so as to horrify you a little less when they’re plopped in the pooh-pooh…?

      • The narration is fine, but when it comes to talking… there’s almost too much at times. I understand it’s for building the world, but if you want to have that much talking, then spice it up a little (ala Shaft) at least!

        Of those three mentioned, I’ve only seen Ryvius. The best characters in that one were the minor ones. One could argue that it’s the point of the series, but it didn’t work for me. I don’t mind unlikable characters, not at all. But I want them interesting. And it failed big with that one. Instead they were only dumb and annoying characters with idiotic logic.

        Eh, I only think they failed. Really.

      • I hadn’t noticed there being too much talking… That’s going to bother me for the rest of the show now! Cheers Marow, you’ve ruined Shin Sekai Yori for me!! >.<

        Only kidding, I’m sure there’ll be a lot less talking now stuff’s about to happen.

        One word. Blue.

        I think the characters are the most important aspect of a show- even if a story’s not great, a great cast of characters can redeem it and make it interesting (take Pandora Hearts, for example), but if a cast of characters are as dull as dishwater, you’re going to struggle to care about the story no matter how great it is!

  2. That’s quite the hypothesis you have on the creatures! After reading this post, and as someone who hasn’t actually seen this show. It seems to me that the world could be the focus; an abstract character? You’ve already said you take greater interest in the world, so perhaps the ‘physical’ characters are there, but more as bricks to build a world, than the star attraction.

    Though that doesn’t make much sense I guess, since from what I know, this isn’t a philosophical anime. It does sound annoying though, that they’re having the narrator spoil the mysteries.

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