4 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 5- So did that guy die, or did he just pull a Houdini?

  1. I felt this episode was disastrous. So much happens with little conclusion. Maybe I’m tired. But I swear after they all fled, the rest of the episode was on Saki & Satoru? If not, then I’m having issues differentiating the characters now… I felt the priest guy left the show too quick for it to be genuine; there must be something going on… if there isn’t, it was a cop out for not knowing what to do with him now; being little more than a plot device to remove the powers.

    I felt the caressing scene in the cage was just put there for the sake of it. I feel they didn’t put much thought into it. Saki was so emotionless of such an act that she was agreeing to perform at the time. If it was a moment of passion then she came to her senses, then that’d make more sense. But pushing Satoru off, then agreeing to it all the while showing no emotion?… I noticed the change in characters too, as with you, unsure of how to pinpoint why. But they definitely felt older.

    I feel this episode left a lot to be desired in terms of direction, unlike previous episodes. I think I would even go so far to say it could be a budget or some other administration issue which would cause the compacting of the story, and the resultant mess of this episode.

    • Turns out he was little more than a plot device- I don’t see him making a re-appearance at this point, do you?

      I would disagree that the sexual scene between Saki and Satoru was “put there for the sake of it”- it linked back to what the psychedelic minoshiro was saying about humans engaging in sexual behaviour to relieve stress, like the bonobos. However, seeing as I, a psychology student, don’t agree with generalising animal behaviour to human behaviour, what I, personally, got out of this scene was that we behave in extreme, sometimes inappropriate ways, when faced with a dire situation. Either way, the scene, no matter how icky, served a purpose.

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