3 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 6- Return of the groovy minoshiro

  1. Ground Spiders? Robber Flies?…
    I think we’re watching different subtitles of this show!
    What do they call the powers they exert? I started off with following one which referred to it as ‘the gravity’, but after about the second episode, switched to one which called in ‘the force’… the latter also calling the Ground Spiders, Turantulas, and I think the Robber Flies… Acrophenia or something.

    I’m still finding it hard to identify the characters (probably because they all share similar clothing and hair colours…) so I didn’t know who that boy was in the vision… I think my experience of other animes has made me jaded to that scene with the head; the only thought that ran through my head was “weak”.

    I liked the change in Satoru this episode, he definitely seems to be falling to the spell of ‘the devil’ as the monk called the Minishuro, though now I look back in hindsight. I think they skipped over something; when the monk attacked the Turantulas colony, his guilt-trip kicked in, but Satoru’s doesn’t?

    I am becoming somewhat annoyed that Saki has taken on more a supportive role, behind the now powered, aggressive Saturo. The two of them seem to be like scales; the episode before Saki at least was more forthcoming and expressive, but this episode she seemed to follow what Satoru says with little complaint.

    • Different subbers might call the colonies different things, I’m not sure! But, as far as I’m aware, all the subbers refer to the telekinesis as ‘cantus’ or ‘canti’.

      As I will explain in my post on episode 7, I’m beginning to think the childrens’ powers are substantially superior to the adults’, and that, because of this, they are more difficult for the ‘death feedback’ to control. See my post tomorrow for more details.

      Maybe her subservience was because she, on a subconscious level, felt frightened of his powers? Or because she’s just a child, remember, she was eager to let someone else resolve the sticky situation she’d found herself in? The children had only just begun to gain a little independence, I wouldn’t be surprised if, at the first sign of danger, she turned to the person with the most power for guidance.

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