6 comments on “Can you truly appreciate a show without first analysing it?

  1. Now of course I don’t have much experience with animes, the four I have seen being NGE, Eden in the East, Binbougami-Ga and Claymore… In the past I’ve always just been of the mindset of just being taking on the journey of the story. Though I think a partial reason for this is that any analysis I could fathom would be lackluster at best; my memory is limited so I lack a large pool of literal and other knowledge to properly analyse anime.

    I think for me, a successful anime which I could call a favourite is one that after the series or film, I feel the need to research it more, to discover and learn more than what I received in my face-value viewing. The only one I have done this with so far is NGE; researching on all about the story elements that weren’t detailed within the anime, as well as philosophical, religious and psychological aspects of the show. Of course this has become even messier with the debates about whether Rebuild is a sequel to the original series…

    Binbougami-ga and EoE don’t interest me in that way in the slightest; Binbou just simply lacked much interest in such things, and EoE just didn’t make me interested in the ones it had embedded to itself. But Claymore might do… we will see.

    To me, the greatest animes are those that make you yearn for more than they give you.

    • So what you’re saying is, that only the shows that make you want to know more are worth looking into on a deeper level? Like me, it seems you’re a fan of metaphors and allegory, but is there anything else that makes you want to find out more about a show?

      • Late reply is late… didn’t know I had notifications ^^;
        Uhm, depends really; if the story is a bit mysterious with something, but provides information about it outside of the anime, I love researching into it. I do this with stuff I like most, which until this point, would be Evangelion and Resident Evil (I know, not a anime, but I did it with that too).

  2. Series, books, movies or whatever does not require analyses to be appreciated. After all, how else would I enjoy Aria the Animation? It brought me along for a wonderful and harmonic journey without a single care in the world besides pure pleasure (and this is the anime I hold as the greatest one I’ve ever seen). This also goes for many others.

    There may be certain works that require some more thinking, however, which is only natural. If you read a mystery, most likely the most pleasure will come from coming up with your own theories. In the same sense, if you watch something as calming as Aria, you have to be able to get into the very mood its trying to create. If you cannot do it, you will most likely not appreciate it (or maybe you will find another reason to appreciate it?).

    Now, there are certain things that almost require analyses to be enjoyable. Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion comes to mind. Yes, you can watch them and enjoy the WTF-ride, but it would still be a rather empty experience. The same goes with Mawaru Penguindrum, which was full of symbolism and whatnot. It was praised by many, but detested by me, because in my view, the symbolism got in the way of telling an actual story (something those who understood the symbolism do not agree with, since they could see what it was all about).

    … It feels like I’ve completely missed the point, sorry >_>”

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