2 comments on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 7- All’s well that ends well?

  1. Whatever happens now is going to hugely contrast what we’ve seen so far. Since they are back in the “peaceful” village I feel like everything will slowly become more hostile up until the point where someone cracks and goes kill crazy like we saw in that clip at the start of the first episode. I’d say Satoru is most likely to go crazy first but I have a feeling the other kids could go crazy and it’s him alone who remains sane. Only time will tell I suppose.

  2. The “death feedback” only triggers if an ESPer tries to hurt a human being. The fake Minoshiro projected the image of a young mother and her child; that’s what affected Rijin. Later he suffered again because the Queerats looked like humans from afar (Saki noticed this).
    Satoru didn’t trigger the death feedback because he only killed beings who were clearly non-human.
    I also think that the Ethics Committee is unaware of the children’s actions because Rijin was killed before he could talk with his superiors.

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