12 comments on “12 days of Christmas- I start a blog!


    Anyhow, I look forward to your reviews! I like comparing the similarities in how we analyze and enjoy things, and I think reviews are a great outlet for that.

    Good luck with that workload!

    P.S. Did you ever get my second response for that post, or did my e-mail service screw up and not send it?

    • Ha ha, very funny! I know I haven’t been the best of bloggers when it comes to replying to every comment, but I promise to try harder in future!!

      But yes, it is interesting to compare how you and others view things! And by interesting, I mean harrowing. I still can’t help but feel as though everyone else does such a better job at picking apart shows than I, I wonder if that’s merely a by-product of my inexperience when it comes to blogging…

      Also, yes, I did… I’ve been a bit naughty, and not got round to replying yet… Refer to the opening couple of sentences of this response.

  2. Eeee that sounds fun!
    Kinda makes me want to blog… haha
    Makes me smile that you say you’re shy though; how can you be shy on the internet?!
    Silly Ty-chama! 🙂

    • Give it another 100 or so anime, then you may be ready to blog!

      It may not be in the flesh, but I’m still talking to living, breathing people. Living, breathing people I want to like me!

  3. It sure has been a long time, despite it feeling like yesterday. Sorry for making you suffering so much 😉

    Remember to not force yourself to be special, just be yourself. You are already a great blogger (sadly too few know of you).

    Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    • I’m sure I’ll forgive you, some day… ; )

      I kind of feel as though I need a special something that sets me apart from other bloggers though, I mean, everything I do, plenty of others do better! I wouldn’t be surprised if some simply went elsewhere for their aniblog fix!

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