2 comments on “12 days of Christmas- I was wrong about Hyouka…

  1. I love Hyouka. It’s… classy.

    The mysteries are great too and being able to solve them, or actually have valid theories that aren’t magical like in some mystery series, was wonderful. Hyouka starts way too slow, sadly. It just starts without any kind of proper introduction to everything, it didn’t feel like a first episode.

    Also, when did Mayaka join the club anyway? She became a member off-screen >_>’

    • So many Chitanda’s… O.o

      With shows like Gosick and UN-GO, you could spend forever trying to work out what was going on, or how the crime had been committed, but because of the supernatural themes the shows had, it could literally spring an answer out of nowhere, so half the time I didn’t bother, which, naturally, meant I was less invested in these shows than in Hyouka.

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